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China/Asia, dictatorship/democracy, & national security @UTAustin @TheLBJSchool @ClementsCenter @StraussCenter. Visiting Fellow @AEIfdp. RT≠Endorse.
Sep 4, 2018 13 tweets 3 min read
Happy Tuesday! Lots of debate and opinions recently on how scholars are responding to pressure from China - but until now, no data/systematic evidence. To change that, @rorytruex and I did a survey of 500+ academics who work on China. Here's what we found: /1 Repression of foreign scholars doing research in China is rare, but real. Here are the stats:
18% have had a publication censored in China;
26% have been denied access to an archive;
9% report have “invited for tea” to explain their work to the authorities. /2
May 21, 2018 9 tweets 19 min read
Last week, two bills passed the MO General Assembly that are great news for kids in foster care & for foster care & adoption in Missouri. You can read a summary here:… We spent most of last year meeting with advocates from all over the State of Missouri to hear about what needed to be done differently. I'm grateful to everyone who played a part in that research process. /2
May 18, 2018 13 tweets 4 min read
Delighted to see the Missouri General Assembly pass both #SB819 and #SB800! We worked hard last year to develop many of these measures and to collaborate with #moleg to pass them. Together, they do a LOT for foster care & adoption in Missouri. Here's a (partial) rundown: /1 Every Missouri child should be in a safe, stable, loving home. Provisions in SB819 & SB800 protect kids from abuse/neglect; support foster parents caring for kids in crisis; make MO a great state for adoption; & recognize the God-given potential of MO's foster children. /2