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Apr 6, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
Whistleblower tells me that the Censorship Industrial Complex is preparing “a full court press against the Twitter Files reporters….The press will be targeting each of you, your histories, and your personal and business connections.”

To which I say: Bring it on, fascists. Apparently this will happen two hours from now

They know they’re losing.

They know we are going to defund and dismantle them
Apr 5, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
San Francisco is in free fall. We don't know who killed your friend, but we know homicides are up 20% & drug ODs up 18%. Gov. @GavinNewsom & Mayor @LondonBreed need to deploy the National Guard to restore public safety. That starts with shutting down the open-air drug dealing. Mayor @LondonBreed needs to take responsibility & stop blaming others. She should formally apologize for joining the Woke de-fund mob. She should ask Biden & Newsom to send in the National Guard to restore order downtown before more people are killed.

Apr 5, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
Biden, Trudeau, Arden & other heads of state are raising the alarm over "online extremism," "hate," and "disinformation" & funding "independent think tanks" to demand censorship. Who's behind it? Why is it happening? And how can we stop it?

public.substack.com/p/jacob-siegel… .@lwoodhouse & I recorded a fascinating podcast with a former Army intelligence officer named @Jacob__Siegel , who wrote a brilliant and terrifying overview the Censorship Industrial Complex for @tabletmag

Apr 5, 2023 10 tweets 6 min read
There is a pattern. Those urging censorship of “misinformation” are spreading it. Those who condemn “extremism” demand extreme policies. And those who denounce “hate” are filed with loathing for their political enemies. New Zealand PM @jacindaardern imposed the most extreme, and unpopular policies in the world: “zero Covid,” *outdoor* masking, and vaccine passports.

Forced out of politics, she’s now going to demand the censorship of her political enemies online.
Apr 4, 2023 15 tweets 5 min read
“Ha ha, nobody’s trying to promote insect-eating…. That’s just a right-wing conspiracy theory…


NPR, naturally

npr.org/2023/03/31/116… ImageImage PS: NPR hates you Image