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Journalist & filmmaker based in Baghdad for @PBS, @AJEnglish, others. Migrant, polyglot, past lives S. Sudan, @BCG, @Princeton. Views my own.
Sep 9, 2018 14 tweets 9 min read
Tonight, the 1st of my 2-part series on #ISIS’s resurgence in Iraq airs on @PBS @NewsHour Weekend. In cooperation w/ @theIFUND, I spent 3 weeks traveling across 3 provinces to investigate the extent to which ISIS has regrouped after its official defeat last year. In August, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi released a new audio recording in which he pointed to #Iraq as the epicenter of #ISIS's resurgence. The facts on the ground suggest that this is not just an ambition the group aspires to in the future - it’s already a reality.