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Jun 8, 2018 34 tweets 8 min read
As a Computer Science PhD from US u definitely understand PIN/password are not any kind of primary/foreign key while your biometrics & Aadhaar number are intended to serve as connecting key between all areas of your digital and physical world life. That's the privacy threat. Further usage of thumbprint for official purposes had its exploitative perils for poor illiterate people because your thumbprint could be taken consentlessly with force or when sleeping or dead too. Signatures are different because they need your active action, mental involvement
Apr 1, 2018 106 tweets 23 min read
So I was asked what kind of research can be done to help #BanDigitalElections and I was able to list out some investigation agendas. These agendas (and maybe some more) EVM investigation angles have been on my mind, and I follow them now and then, but just chaotically. So I shall list out EVM research points here, so that anyone who wants to investigate & put up the fight to #BanDigitalElections can do so. Few persons or orgs may or may not be able to save country. Whole country must save itself. Many heads better than one! Release the Kraken!
Mar 17, 2018 48 tweets 24 min read
What if I volunteer to take place of an EVM? Would u trust me? I will keep my palms outstretched & you can pick one of the 10 candidates by pressing a finger. I will remember number of times each finger pressed and tell you the winner. Would u trust me?

You cannot trust me because you have no way of knowing whether I correctly counted your touch. You cannot trust me even if I wave the finger you touch, indicating that I registered your vote. You cannot trust if I tell you the correct count in the end or favour a candidate I like
Feb 7, 2018 84 tweets 32 min read
One important thing about Aadhaar or any centralized system,particularly connected to money, which I have not said so far, is how it completely destroys any security by obscurity which we have enjoyed so far. Take the example of mobile OTP. Aadhaar uses SMS One Time Password (OTP) to secure Aadhaar transactions. But we have seen how process to update mobile for Aadhaar itself is hopeless destroy-the-aadhaar.blogspot.in/2017/12/regist…