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Eternal optimist & experienced business leader (FMCG). Ex CEO/MD #7Up #Pepsi Nigeria. Believes in the Africa Story. Tweets personal. Retweets not endorsement
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Sep 15, 2018 8 tweets 8 min read

This is #TooGoodNotToShare..

We spend the best years of our lives waiting for a #Miracle when the miracle is #Life itself

We wait for approval,we wait for promotion,we wait for the bonus,we wait for freedom,we wait for a revelation AND in all this,we forget to live Today, I make this promise to myself. No more waiting. I will live each day like it was the last day of my life. And I will live each day like it is the first day of the rest of my life with no regrets of the day that was..
I will be #Courageous.
Sep 9, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
A friend sent me some #TooGoodNotToShare #WeekendHumor
I cant stop laughing 😂
Just love these #kids
Spontaneous and witty

😂Teacher:How old is your father?
Kid:He is 6 years.
Teacher:What?How is this possible?
Kid:He became father only when I was born.
#Logic! #Children Are Quick and Always Speak Their Minds

😂TEACHER:Joseph,go to the map and find North America
JOSEPH:Here it is.
TEACHER:Correct. Now class,who discovered America?
Sep 1, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
#TooGoodNotToShare ...
What is Rule 72?
In personal finance, if you divide the number 72 by the rate of interest, you get to know the number of years it will take for you to double the money.. Eg: if the rate of interest is 9%, simply divide the number 72 by 9 and the answer is 8. Thus it will take 8 years to double your money if you invest at 9% p.a. rate of interest.
Aug 26, 2018 10 tweets 6 min read
An interesting story as shared by a friend @soodparivar. Found it #TooGoodNotToShare ...

The #CockroachTheory for #SelfDevelopment

At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady.

She started screaming out of fear. With a #panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started screaming and jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach

Her reaction was contagious as everyone else in her group also started to panic
Aug 22, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
Received the below message on
#AlertnessToAll and felt it was #TooGoodNotToShare ..

A lady's handbag which contained her cell phone, credit card, purse etc was stolen.

Thirty minutes later she managed to call her husband from her friend's telephone, telling him what happened. Her husband said, "I just received your text message asking me to remind u of your ATM pin and I have replied a little while ago".

When they rushed to the bank, the staff told them money had already been withdrawn.
Aug 19, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
This is so so good ...
I had never known these profound distinctions between #intelligence and #Wisdom. Found it
#TooGoodNotToShare ..

1 Intelligence leads to arguments.
Wisdom leads to to settlements

2 Intelligence is power of will.
Wisdom is power OVER will 3 Intelligence is heat, it burns.
Wisdom is warmth, it comforts

4 Intelligence is pursuit of knowledge,it tires the seeker.
Wisdom is pursuit of truth, it inspires the seeker

5 Intelligence is holding on.
Wisdom is letting go

6 Intelligence leads you.
Wisdom guides you
Aug 11, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
I read a nice story of #TheMissingGoat and found it #TooGoodNotToShare ..

It all started one lazy #Sunday afternoon in a small town near Vancouver Canada

Two #SchoolGoingFriends had a crazy idea They rounded up three goats from the neighborhood and painted numbers 1,2 & 4 on their sides.
That night they let the goats loose
inside their school building.
The next morning, when the authorities entered the school, they could smell something was wrong.
Aug 11, 2018 9 tweets 5 min read
I read a short #InspiringStory and found it #TooGoodNotToShare...

A famous writer was in his study room. He picked up his pen and started writing :

✖️Last year, I had a surgery and my gall bladder was removed. I had to stay stuck to the bed due to this surgery for a long time ✖️The same year I became 60 years & had to give up my favourite job.I had spent 30 years of my life in this publishing company.

✖️The same year I experienced the sorrow of the death of my father.
Aug 4, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
A friend @soodparivar sent some Beautiful quotes of Imam Ali, from the book “Peak of Eloquence” and found them #TooGoodNotToShare

1 Never look down upon someone unless you are helping them up 2 Hate no one, no matter how much they've wronged you. Live humbly, no matter how wealthy you become.
Think positively, no matter how hard life is. Give much,even if you've been given little. Keep in touch with the ones who have forgotten you
Jul 28, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read

A perfect #TooGoodNotToShare example of the dilemma we often face in any decision making.

A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other not.... #Dilemma
Only one child played on the unused track, the rest on the operational track.

A train is coming, and you are just beside the track interchange. You can make the train change its course to the unused track and save most of the kids.

What will you decide??
Jul 27, 2018 11 tweets 5 min read

I read a #TooGoodNotToShare short story .

It’s surely worth a read...

Once upon a time, a cow went out to graze in the jungle. Suddenly, she noticed a tiger racing towards her. She turned & fled,fearing that the tiger would sink his claws into her any moment. She desperately looked for someplace to escape & at last, saw a shallow pond.Barely evading the tiger’s reach,she jumped into the pond & in the heat of the chase,the tiger blindly leaped after her.
Jul 11, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
I read a Simply outstanding thought & found it #TooGoodNotToShare

It’s #SpecialToBeOrdinary..

This message may actually end up changing one's #attitude to life if one understands the hidden depth behind this short quiz...

1 Name the 3 wealthiest people in the world in 2017 2 Name the last 3 winners of Miss Universe

3 Name the last 3 people who won the Nobel Prize for Physics

I am sure most of us struggle to get the correct answers spontaneously. The point here is that none of us remembers the headlines of yesterday
Jun 27, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read

I read a beautiful #TooGoodNotToShare post from a friend @TheTandons.
Surely worth a read..

A young lady sat in a bus. At the next stop a loud and grumpy old lady came and sat by her. She squeezed into the seat and bumped her with her numerous bags The person sitting on the other side of the young lady got upset & asked her why she did not speak up & say something

The young lady smiled & said “It ain’t necessary to be rude or argue over something so insignificant,the #JourneyTogetherIsSoShort. I get off at the next stop”
Jun 20, 2018 7 tweets 4 min read
I read a short story about the #TripleFilterTest as propagated by the legendary #Chanakya, The ancient Indian philosopher and found it #TooGoodNotToShare..

This is a #Truth which if we all were to imbibe, our lives will become much better... One day a person met the great Chanakya, and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Chanakya replied.

"Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the #TripleFilterTest."

"Triple filter?" Asked the person
Jun 18, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
8 inspiring quotes of famous people.. #TooGoodNotToShare ..

✅Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time

#SHAKESPEARE ✅The world suffers a lot.NOT because of the violence of bad people, But because of the silence of good people

✅I am thankful to all those who said NO to me.It’s because of them I did it
Jun 16, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
I Received a great post on the four principles of spirituality,from my dear friend @soodparivar & found it

It’s not important whether you believe in spirituality or not,the four principles apply to all from the moment one is born & will remain till the end! #FourPrinciplesOfSpirituality

This means that no one comes into our life by chance.Everyone around us& anyone with whom v interact,represents something,be it to teach us something or help improve current Status
Jun 13, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
I read about some interesting #Corruption indicators and found them #TooGoodNotToShare ..

Surely worth a read and a self examination..

1 If you usually put more sugar in your tea when in a hotel than you do at home, You are likely to be corrupt.. 2 If you use more tissue in a public washroom than you do at home, you are a potential thief if given an opportunity.

3 If you serve yourself more food that you can't finish just because someone else is footing the bill, you are greedy.
Jun 2, 2018 14 tweets 5 min read
I read an interesting article last night on the SEVEN DANGEROUS GROUPS IN AN ORGANISATION YOU NEED TO KNOW AND HANDLE WISELY As a #Boss beware that at one stage or another,in business,you’ll find yourself dealing with following groups of people.If u don’t deal with them wisely, your business is in danger
May 30, 2018 26 tweets 10 min read
I was born and brought up in an average middle class family and come from an extremely humble background.

My family background caused me to learn a few lessons even when I was growing up and have stood the test of time as I moved in my life #wccstory
By virtue of my late father’s job we were moving frequently to new cities. Each new place meant new environment, new friends & new school & over a period of time I was able to adapt myself quickly to the change.This adaptability stood In Good stead for me
May 18, 2018 14 tweets 8 min read

1 Never fight a man under GRACE, because the GRACE he carries will DISGRACE you!

2 No girl will choose Six packs over six Cars..So guys stop the gym & work hard!

3 Beware of the naked man who offers you clothes! #TooGoodNotToShare #AdviceFromAnElder...

4 The death of a lion cannot be announced by a goat

5 When one’s goat get missing, the aroma of a neighbor’s soup get suspicious

6 The future belongs to the Risk takers,Not the Comfort seekers
May 12, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read

Looking good is very important but how many men actually know what it takes to look good

I read about these 19 style rules for men and fond them interesting..

1 Your belt should match your shoes 2 If you are wearing a black suit, wear black shoes

3 If you are wearing gray, blue, tan or a combination thereof, please use brown shoes

4 Get a haircut regularly. Don’t wait until everyone around you knows you need one

5 Never go out without a wristwatch