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@JasonTGaffney & @MelRaeYA’s mom, NewYorkTimes bestselling romance author, producer of AnalysisParalysis & @OOBTheMovie, = marriage activist, IDIC fan, she/her
Sep 2, 2018 22 tweets 5 min read
Romance has always been about honoring and celebrating VERY liberal values. You do not win your HEA if you don't take a risk and open your heart to someone who starts out feeling very "other" to you. You do not win your HEA if you don't take a RISK. Liberal = let me try this new thing/see what's over that mountain/welcome the stranger at the gate
Conservative = the old ways should not be changed/we're safer here in our cave/KEEP THAT GATE SECURELY LOCKED!! (don't let that stranger bring us disease, murder, unrest!)
Aug 15, 2018 26 tweets 7 min read
I've been thinking abt this thread nonstop, & I want to talk about that speech I gave at RWA. Right after I gave it, I didn't have much time to discuss or respond because I had some serious stuff going on in my life. 2.5 years ago, my best friend & brother-from-another-mother, @BillKuhlman, was diagnosed w stage IV cancer & given 6 mos. I signed up for his private army & helped him fight. Targeted chemo & a healthy diet worked well, until it didn't.