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Angel Orsini is #TheRevelation™️ #ECWOriginal #ProWrestling #WomensWrestling #SciFi #Anipal Healthcoach actress @RutgersU alum champion 4#equality 🤍💛❤️🤎🖤🌈
Jul 10, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
Russian directive 4 #EU: dismantle, separate UK, the weaken Germany while increasing presence from West 2 East #US directive: dismantle NATO, weaken US relationships around globe & especially with Canada while strategizing 2 move north 2 retake Alaska & northern Canada Trump has been so enamored w/ the power of Putin he doesn’t realize this trade war with China is exactly what Putin wanted. In 2016 US made deal with China 2B their #1 provider of #NaturalGas & #Oil but now with tariffs & trade war all that surplus will be devoured by tariffs