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We must become brave, dare not to obey and to do the unthinkable: Publicly tell the most important (inconvenient) truths. Humanist, Cardiologist
Sep 3, 2018 16 tweets 6 min read
We are living in a huxleyianorwellian world where the exceptionally exceptional regimes of USA, ISR & SAU do whatever they want, mass murderers praise a mass murderer at his funeral, broadcasted by information mass murderers, as hero &, since 9/11, laws of nature are upside-down. LET'S pull the mass media's, projecting vitriolic fairy tales into our perilous Plato's cave, plug, GET THE F*** OUT of the insane huxleyianorwellian psychopathic anti universe & live together in freedom, respect, harmony, peace & prosperity for everybody, not only for the few!
Aug 21, 2018 21 tweets 8 min read
For almost 2 years none of the western puppet mouthpiece media has the courage to expose Incubator Lie 2.0, although every not brain-dead human sees that the alleged living premature (from 2.25) is a baby doll at best, a stillborn in rigor mortis at worst.
For almost 3 years none of the western puppet mouthpiece media has the courage to expose that during the terror attack in Bataclan 6+ heavily armed soldiers were standing outside without intervening because "their rules of engagement did not forsee this".
Apr 28, 2018 209 tweets >60 min read
After 70 years of imperial/neoliberal indoctrination the web of lies is so obviously absurde (9/11, Skripal, WH = ISIS, etc.), that it is dissoluting. The empathetic humanity connects, closes ranks and sends their eternal psychopathic rulers and their lackeys into nowhere land. The "evil empire" is a lifelong three year old child. I certainly loved my children at that age too, however only because they created not only a surreal mess, but also made steady progress.

A great documentary about psychopathy and society: