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Sep 10, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
Fun facts about our Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

on August 3, 2015, in Paxton's first year in office, he became the first Texas Attorney General in 32 years to be indicted.

He still hasn't gone to trial, and it's not supposed to start until after the 2018 election.

1/ Texas AG Ken Paxton has been under indictment since 2015 for three felony charges- 2 for securities fraud and 1 for failing to register with securities regulators.

The punishment is up to life in prison and yet he hasn't spent a day in prison yet.

Jul 2, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Trump supporters,

Alex Jones is right! Go stock up on food and hide in underground bunkers NOW!

If you hear explosions on July 4th then that's just the Civil War happening. Be glad you're safe.

We'll signal the all clear when it's safe to come out. Do NOT come out early! Let Wave 1 Commence!

Child infantry! Prepare your sparkl...uh...incendiary sticks! Char-

What's that Billy? You have to go potty? We'll wait.
Ok, everyone ready?! CHARGE!!!!
Jun 24, 2018 42 tweets 7 min read
I've been looking at polls, reading articles and watching the news trying to wrap my brain around the huge disconnect between Democrats and Republicans on the issue of immigration, and, more specifically, the taking of children from their families.

I wanted to understand it for my own peace of mind but also to see how candidates should be handling this issue. Is it important to Americans? If not, why not?

According to a recent CBS poll, only 23% of Republicans think reuniting children with parents is a high priority.
Jun 2, 2018 22 tweets 4 min read
School Gun Violence

There is a lot of debate about gun violence in schools right now, but I wanted to offer a perspective that may initially come across as insensitive, but I promise you, if you read the entire thread it will, hopefully, in the end, leave you a little relieved. Let’s start with a question. Why do we care about school shootings?

That might sound like a strange and even callous question but stick with me for a minute before firing off an angry emoji at me or turning CAP LOCKS to stun!
May 26, 2018 20 tweets 5 min read
We're all hearing horror stories about the treatment of migrant children and how 1475 are unaccounted for.

I wanted to find which agency was ultimately responsible for this mess and then do something.

This thread documents my findings along with a call to action.

First, to navigate the various agencies involved in the processing of migrant children.

It starts with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency which operates under the Department of Homeland Security. ICE officers are who take the kids into custody.

May 12, 2018 53 tweets 8 min read
As a tribute to the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I have put together a Trumped version of it.

Warning: For those who haven't seen the movie some scenes may be meh to you.

Warning 2: Also, for those who haven't seen the movie, you're dead to me! SCENE 1 – TRUMP AND SWALWELL

[Trump rides up to Swalwell Castle on Devin Nunes]

Trump: It is I, Trump, son of a racist, from the Tower of Trump, King of the Morons, defeater of Justice sovereign of all Russia, and President of the US.

Schiff: And who is that you’re riding?
Apr 16, 2018 12 tweets 2 min read
As Trump continues his assault on the FBI/DOJ, I thought it would be good to revisit what Trump’s options are and whether or not he can really fire Mueller.

Legal experts are not all in agreement with how Mueller could be fired so I thought I would outline the possibilities.

If the Justice Department regulations (“Reno Rules”) apply then Trump would need Rosenstein to fire Mueller. If Rosenstein refused then Trump could fire Rosenstein and work his way down the line of succession in the Justice Department much like Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre.
Apr 11, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Sinclair is REQUIRING their affiliates to post a video that attacks CNN.

They claim that Sinclair is simply attacking fake news just like CNN and calls CNN hypocritical.

The end of the video says they want to hear from us.

So, let's help with that, shall we?

1/ Here's the step by step process to help Sinclair hear from us!

Step 1: Find a Sinclair channel near you. If you don't have a local channel then just pick one to contact.

A list of channels can be found here:

Apr 8, 2018 33 tweets 8 min read
My Surreal Experience at a Texas Gun Show

On Saturday I went to a Mom's Demand Action event, and I decided what better way to end the week than to attend a gun show on Sunday. This thread captures the highlights of my surreal experience at my very first Texas gun show.

1/ First, I needed to dress for the occasion. I needed a disguise. I put on a pair of jeans and a Cowboys sweatshirt because Texas gun owner’s love’m some Cowboys!

Mar 21, 2018 25 tweets 9 min read
Here's a just a PARTIAL list of things that are now ok for future presidents according to the GOP thanks to Trump:

3.Calling opponents childish names
4.Golfing 1/3 of the time
5.Pitching products
6.Running a kleptocracy


7.Not releasing tax returns
8.Excessive executive orders
9.Tweeting day and night about celebrities and other nonsense
10.Tweeting nonsense words and not admitting they’re typos
11.Never admitting you’re wrong. Ever.
12.Hush money


Mar 3, 2018 7 tweets 5 min read

The NRA is listed as a tax-exempt organization with the IRS, but their activities disqualify them for this designation.

Please join me in filing form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint.

Detailed instructions follow.


1. Download form 13909 directly from the IRS site here:
Do not download this form from anywhere else due to concerns about viruses.
You may also use the partial form that I've provided as a JPG.


Dec 24, 2017 16 tweets 4 min read
Here's a compilation of Trump Tweets from 2017 along with the associated Google searches. Enjoy!....or cringe. JANUARY