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Sep 26, 2018 9 tweets 6 min read
Hon’ble SC: “The architecture of Aadhaar as well as the provisions of the Aadhaar Act do not tend to create a surveillance state.” (Pg 541 of the landmark judgment) @PMOIndia @rsprasad @PIB_India #Aadhaar4Development @MIB_India Hon’ble SC: “...there is no data collection on the movements of such individuals, when they avail benefits under Section 7 of the Act thereby ruling out the possibility of creating their profiles.” (Pg 552 of the landmark judgment)
Sep 11, 2018 27 tweets 10 min read
UIDAI hereby dismisses a news report appearing in social and online media about Aadhaar Enrolment Software being allegedly hacked as completely incorrect and irresponsible. 1/n The claims lack substance and are baseless. UIDAI further said that certain vested interests are deliberately trying to create confusion in the minds of people which is completely unwarranted. 2/n
Aug 5, 2018 18 tweets 9 min read
In view of the attempts by few Aadhaar opponents to spread rumours and scare mongering against Aadhaar in the backdrop of appearance of an old Aadhaar helpline number in mobile phones... 1/n ...it may be noted that the Google has clarified that UIDAI’s old contact number 18003001947 was added by it “inadvertently” along with police/fire number 112 in 2014 and has since been continuing through sync mechanism. It has also expressed its regret for the same. 2/n
Aug 3, 2018 7 tweets 8 min read
#PressStatement In the wake of some media reports on default inclusion of UIDAI’s outdated & invalid Toll free no. 1800-300-1947 in contact list of Android phones... 1/n ... It is clarified that, UIDAI has not asked or communicated to any manufacturer or service provider for providing any such facility whatsoever. 2/n
Jul 31, 2018 11 tweets 9 min read
People are advised to refrain from publicly putting their Aadhaar numbers on internet and social media and posing challenges to others. 1/n This advisory has come with reference to some news items appearing on social media reporting few people publicly posting their Aadhaar numbers on internet and social media and posing challenges to others.  2/n
Jul 29, 2018 19 tweets 10 min read
Press Statement: UIDAI strongly dismissed the claims made by certain elements on Twitter and a section of Media that they have fetched personal details of Shri Ram Sewak Sharma who is a public servant using his Aadhaar number. 1/n UIDAI condemns such malicious attempts by few individuals to malign the world’s largest unique identity project - Aadhaar.
UIDAI said that Aadhaar has built the digital trust among people at large and these devious elements are trying to spread misinformation. 2/n
May 3, 2018 18 tweets 2 min read
Press Statement: UIDAI completely dismisses few reports in social media and online news channels about Aadhaar Enrolment Software being allegedly tampered 1/n and sold for some money in underground market which purportedly bypasses operators biometric authentication and facilitates making of Aadhaar cards without any documents, as totally baseless, false, misleading, and irresponsible. 2/n
Mar 17, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
UIDAI has advised people not to get carried away or confused with some news appearing in social and other media on Aadhaar pdf being available on Google search on Mera Aadhaar, Meri Pehchan. 1/8 UIDAI said that such news are intended to spread misinformation on India's robust identity system - Aadhaar and are intentional and irresponsible acts of some unscrupulous elements. 2/8
Mar 11, 2018 11 tweets 2 min read
UIDAI has dismissed the reports as irresponsible which appeared in a section of social and other media on security of Aadhaar system being questioned on account of a few Aadhaar cards reportedly put on the internet by some unscrupulous elements. 1/n UIDAI has advised people not to get confused with such reports which are far from the truth and intended to spread misinformation on India's robust identity system - Aadhaar - unnecessarily. 2/n