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May 16, 2018 • 13 tweets • 4 min read
Complementarianism is like a potato peeler.
Stay with me here. It's sold to Christians by its function: "This is how you obey God and have a good family."
We don't purchase potato peelers to do anything but peel things.

No one argues AGAINST "Comps think the best way to obey God and have a good family is by complementarianism."
Apr 8, 2018 • 11 tweets • 4 min read
This theory can be tested across fundamentalism.

I'm about to share some supporting evidence, not because I want anyone to *out* Doug Phillips, but because I want people who used to follow #VisionForum theology to be set free.

I have some interesting links in my own thread: Doug Phillips was the leader of Vision Forum Ministries, a hyper-fundamentalist sect that promoted extreme versions of gender roles, homeschooling, and other things I don't have time to get in to. Here's a brief history: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vision_Fo…