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Sep 2, 2018 27 tweets 11 min read
This is a general introductory list of books in the “alternative” research field. Consider it general background knowledge relevant to what a Great Awakening might reveal. (Recommend you read my pinned tweet chain, first.) @conchbar17 @CarrollQuigley1 The general alternative thinking is that there was advanced civilization on Earth that was destroyed in a global cataclysm around 10,800 BC/BCE at end of last ice age. Memory of this is captured in myths. See Graham Hancock’s Underworld, etc.: grahamhancock.com/books/
Jun 14, 2018 127 tweets 58 min read
@CarrollQuigley1 @FedupWithSwamp @occulturalism @POTUS made G7 headlines re: Canada burned down the White House in War of 1812 (technically it was the British). Maybe @POTUS was hinting that anons consider things from the Q school of history. So, down the rabbit hole we go.. Enter the French book “Paving the Road to Hell-The 13 Satanic Bloodlines” by Robin de Ruiter. Apparently banned in France upon its 2006 publication-while not the best in terms of referencing, it's still instructional. (13 Bloodlines? @POTUS's “13 Angry Democrats”?