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Oct 5, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
<A tweet of appreciation for Kelly Link @haszombiesinit who was awarded a well-deserved MacArthur "Genius Grant" yesterday. KL's one of the finest writers of what Lovecraft called 'weird fiction', an extremely rock-and-roll blend of F, SF and Horror. The key is TRANSGRESSION> <Just like Carmen Maria Machado employs --- and frequently upends ---- the genre conventions of Horror to make larger socio-political points, Kelly Link roots her horrors in the seemingly mundane. Until the point you realise that the mundane is horrific all by itself>
Sep 23, 2018 59 tweets 33 min read
<Alright, shit just got real. I am at the '1st Conference on National Commission For Men', at the Constitution Club. Lots of beady-eyed volunteers in bright yellow tees, committed to fighting for 'Real Gender Justice> #MRA #MenInYellow <The logo/insignia for the afternoon is ---- a balanced scale. Just that. A 90s MS Paint-job. Against a block backdrop.... of solid yellow> #MRA #MenInYellow