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Not FDA but close enough we can micro swab them. 💥Whitehouse recognized NGO working with the Biden admin. to end Covid💥
Sep 21, 2018 47 tweets 8 min read
#DallasThread #Thread #Hurricane #HurricaneFlorence #Flood #Cleanup As the flood waters recede, I want to talk to you about cleaning up. I have received training in disaster relief and sadly have had to use this training. While this thread is not in-depth, it will be most useful info in one place that I think you will find. It’s also a bit long. Sorry not sorry 😬
Jul 17, 2018 12 tweets 2 min read
Happy Tuesday ppl, #thread we have a message for you today. As it became clear yesterday that trump is either compromised or unwilling to uphold the duties of his office due to greed. There is a question that has been placed before all of us; not why but how do we as a nation address this? Not since WWII have we faced such a threat to our union as we are now.
Jul 3, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Ok ppl we are doing something that we thought this account would never do; sell you something. Why? The cause is right and now more important than ever. #thread Beyond us Alt accounts the only other information that is getting out and making a difference is that info coming directly from whistleblowers. The recent reported issues and violations by ICE or EPAs secret meetings... whistleblowers.
Oct 18, 2017 15 tweets 2 min read
Wednesday Ppl & as those we know R finally being able 2 head back 2 their homes in Cali. Let’s talk some safety. #Thread We reached out 2 our trained Funeral Dir. again as any real safety info has been lacking on this disaster.
Sep 27, 2017 21 tweets 3 min read
Wednesday ppl, let’s start this #thread out with an article or 2.……. These should give U an idea of why the FDA is heading 2 PR.
Aug 28, 2017 13 tweets 2 min read
Monday ppl as #failingpotus trys 2 tweet himself into being a hero of relief help we have some guidance 4 U. #Thread #harvey First off, the other Alt's have wonderfully started relief in areas & ways that are surely immeasurable. #thanks