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Oct 9, 2018 16 tweets 3 min read
So many thoughts. All of which I’ve withheld today because: I was overwhelmed with emotion and try not to speak publicly in that state of anxiety. The IPCC report is legit terrifying but not all that surprising. The fact that it’s not surprising is concerning in and of itself.
Aug 31, 2018 22 tweets 6 min read
Oooh, yay! Another big climate fear vs. hope debate. But srsly though, I've been studying climate comms since college ('07, go Tarheels!) and do actually get a weird joy from nerding out on this stuff. Hey, at least someone is thinking about it! For context, @RoyScranton tweeted this and stirred up a bunch of backlash amongst activists for being a white dude who is newish to the convo pushing nihilism and doomism from his privileged perch. Let's dig into my humble opinions.