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The greatest criminal mind of our time. Bestselling author. Host of Lost #History. #Books. #Thrillers #Comics #XavierRiddle. But really, greatest criminal mind.
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Thirty-three years ago, in my bravest moment of junior high, I asked out the prettiest girl in school. In honor of her birthday, here’s the story I wrote twenty years ago for Details magazine (remember magazines?) when Cori and I first got married. All these years later, we’ve had so many ups and downs, but my God, do I still love this woman. Happy birthday, my love. MY FIRST LADY by Brad Meltzer:
Our story starts like this: She was the captain of the cheerleaders; I had just moved to Florida from Brooklyn. She was wavy hair, green e
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This is my wife with Presidents @BillClinton and Bush. We’re now back from an incredible few days in Little Rock for her @PLSprogram program. Highlights included talking to President Bush about his Mom, and the total madness of Cori being seated next to W. for dinner. More important, in this time of massive political divisiveness, perhaps my favorite part was watching these two men — from opposite sides — find common ground, laughing, sharing, and being open and honest about their hardest days and
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Here's the real story of the Declaration of Independence:
For 17 days, the thirty-three-year-old secluded himself in a rented room in Philadelphia.
On a small, portable desk, he began writing, laying the foundations of this new American government. Unlike every nation before it, this country’s heart would not beat with the blood of royal lines. This would be a nation based on ideals.
It took Thomas Jefferson seventeen days to find the right words. Seventeen days of writing and rewriting before he nervously presented his document
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THREAD. I am utterly heartbroken at the loss of my friend Barbara Bush. She gave me one of the most amazing, rewarding, and unimaginable friendships of my entire life. When we first met, I was utterly intimidated by the raw power that came off her. I left thinking two things: 1) She's the reason the Bush family took the White House twice. And 2) I never want to be on her bad side. But I also instantly knew this: She was so damn funny. I mean it. As sharp a wit as I've ever seen. She wrote in one of her biographies that while she was shopping