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Aug 27, 2018 67 tweets 19 min read
⚠️ GRAPHICS-HEAVY THREAD: Next week, the #TexasFoldEm lawsuit brought by 20 Republican Attorneys General against the #ACA goes to court. The Trump Administration is refusing to defend against it even though it EVERY legal expert says it’s a pile of steaming garbage. 1/ 2/ If the #TexasFoldEm plaintiffs succeed, federal protections for those w/#PreExistingConditions would be gone. Not just on the individual market…people w/EMPLOYER coverage would be at risk as well, especially since most people are out of a job at least once in their lives.
Aug 21, 2018 13 tweets 5 min read
THREAD: For those who still don’t understand how important the #ACA #TexasFoldEm case is (along #StopKavanaugh), here’s a simple timeline of the ACA’s 3-Legged Stool: 1/ Here’s how the #ACA’s 3-Legged Stool was *supposed* to work when the law was passed. The blue leg includes the patient protections. The red leg is the part everyone hated but which served an important purpose. The green leg is the financial help for people to pay for it.
Aug 13, 2018 19 tweets 7 min read

Do you remember “Harry & Louise”?

Here’s a reminder. Watch both commercials, but especially the second one. There’s a LOT going on here:

2/ First of all, notice how in 1993, “community rating” (i.e., not being allowed to charge people more based on their health status) was considered a HORRIBLE thing.
Aug 10, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
ATTENTION MICHIGAN RESIDENTS: I’m trying to track down the Twitter handles for the following 2018 Democratic nominees; please help if you can, thanks!

HD001: Tenisha Yancey
HD003: Wendell Byrd
HD004: Isaac Robinson
HD005: Cynthia A. Johnson
HD006: Tyrone Carter
HD012: Alex Garza HD013: Frank Liberati
HD014: Cara Clemente
HD016: Kevin Coleman
HD022: John Chirkun
HD024: Laura Winn
HD025: Nate Shannon
HD028: Lori M. Stone
HD030: John P. Spica
HD031: William J. Sowerby
HD032: Paul Manley
HD036: Robert Murphy
HD045: Kyle Cooper
HD048: Sheryl Y. Kennedy
Aug 10, 2018 44 tweets 10 min read
THREAD: Yeah, I have insomnia, so here’s some wonky info re. single payer, M4A and the Michigan Gubernatorial primary. 1/ 2/ Now that the #MIGov primary is over, since the most contentious debate between El-Sayed and Whitmer (besides 'dark money') was about single-payer healthcare, let's get a few things straight:
Aug 8, 2018 67 tweets 37 min read
How Much More Will #ACASabotage Cost Unsubsidized Enrollees in YOUR Congressional District??? 1/ Last year, I posted state-by-state infographics which broke out the estimated number of Americans who would lose healthcare coverage if each of the various #ACA repeal bills form the GOP were to become law.
Aug 5, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
Annnnd they’re finally being completely honest: They’re not Americans anymore. For anyone wondering, here’s where this came from:…
Jul 25, 2018 35 tweets 22 min read
⚠️⚠️ THREAD: Trump/GOP #ACASabotage is costing #ACA enrollees even more than you thought. Here’s why (warning: graphs ahead!) 1/ Every year during the off season, I spend countless hours digging into hundreds of wonky insurance carrier rate filing forms to analyze the weighted average rate increases for the following year.
Jul 23, 2018 4 tweets 5 min read
Jul 23, 2018 10 tweets 5 min read
As many know, I’ve been pushing for folks to support my friend Nicole Bedi (@votebedi) in her race for #MIHD40. Well, Michigan’s last filing deadline before the Aug. 7th primary is in 90 MINUTES, so now’s the time to chip in if you can! 2/ Here's a few things about Nicole Bedi you should know:
--She was just endorsed by @Everytown for Gun Safety:
Jul 20, 2018 6 tweets 11 min read
THREAD: Want to know how serious I am about making sure EVERY Michigan state legislative candidate reads this? 1/… I actually hunted down the Twitter handles of EVERY DEMOCRATIC STATE SENATE PRIMARY CANDIDATE. Out of 80 total candidates, 46 appear to be on Twitter. 2/
Jul 16, 2018 8 tweets 7 min read
⚠️ UPDATED: Across 23 states representing ~52% of the total individual market, avg. requested 2019 #ACA premiums are ~7.9% HIGHER *with* #ACASabotage vs. an estimated ~3.4% LOWER *without* #ACASabotage:… PUT ANOTHER WAY, so far, unsubsidized #ACA enrollees will be paying around $790 more *per enrollee* next year on avg. than they otherwise would be without #ACASabotage.
Jul 7, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
This is actually a war on currently HEALTHY people as well. If the carriers throw up their hands and bail completely, NO ONE will be able to enroll. The Achilles heel of the #ACA exchange structure is that participation is VOLUNTARY on the part of the carriers. If every carrier in a given region/state decides that offering individual market plans is too risky for them (whether justified or not)...
Jul 7, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
WHOA. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ RED ALERT...this is wonky but big. @bjdickmayhew @wcsanders @rebeccastob Short version: This is the sole remaining #ACA stabilization program. There were a couple of lawsuits by carriers claiming that the formula was wrong. Looks like the Trump Admin is considering freezing payments entirely in response, which is apparently unnecessary.
Jul 6, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
In light of both Nevada and New Mexico moving towards their own exchanges (a move I support, I should note), here’s my post asking a dumb question about the user fee:… It’s actually a pretty obvious question: the user fee is 3.5% of premiums for every enrollee, and has stayed that way since 2014. Yet premiums have doubled since then (as the GOP loves to point out, even though much of that is their doing) while enrollment is up 45% since 2014...
Jul 4, 2018 17 tweets 7 min read
1/ DEAR DEMOCRATS: Based on 21 states so far, I’ve concluded that you’re *sort of* overplaying your hand re. 2019 #ACA premium hikes. Let me explain.… 2/ The talking point being spread among Dems is that “#ACA premiums will spike by double digits due to #ACASabotage!” The image which comes to mind is of rates increasing by ~20-25% with sabotage vs. perhaps ~5-10% without it, costing unsubsidized enrollees up to $1,000 more.
Jun 8, 2018 65 tweets 21 min read
⚠️ THREAD: According to the HHS Dept., appx. 130 MILLION non-elderly Americans have pre-existing conditions which would likely get them either denied coverage or charged so much for coverage they’d be effectively priced out of the market. 1/ Last year, @EmilyG_DC of @amprog broke these out by Congressional District:… 2/
May 6, 2018 18 tweets 8 min read
THREAD: For anyone who doesn’t believe the latest batch of #ACASabotage by Trump isn’t gonna jack rates up next year, I’ve already got receipts out of Virginia. 1/ As I noted earlier today, Virginia insurance carriers have already submitted their *preliminary* 2019 premium rate filings. While these may be revised/change over the summer/fall, the initial statewide average is around 15.1%.…
May 4, 2018 68 tweets 32 min read
⚠️⚠️⚠️ THREAD: On the 1-year anniversary of the @HouseGOP passing the #AHCA (to repeal the #ACA), how many Americans would’ve lost their healthcare coverage in YOUR Congressional District? 1/ One year ago today, the @HouseGOP passed the #AHCA, which would have repealed the #ACA and replaced it with a plan which the CBO projected would cause 24 million people to lose healthcare coverage by 2026:…
Apr 2, 2018 42 tweets 10 min read
1/ THREAD: WELP. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has basically just signed the death warrant for at least a few hundred Iowans with expensive pre-existing conditions. Some of them may have no choice but to leave the state or stay and die. Here’s why:… 2/ In recent weeks, the Iowa state House and Senate passed a bill, which was just signed into law today by the Governor, which would allow the state Farm Bureau to open up non-ACA-compliant “health plans” (NOT legally defined as “insurance”) to ANYONE.
Mar 14, 2018 18 tweets 7 min read
⚠️⚠️⚠️ DEMS: CAMPAIGN ON ACA2.0/MEFA!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ For those wondering: Here’s my initial takes on both #ACA2 and #MEFA. ACA2 stabilizes/repairs/expands the ACA itself *in order to clear the way* for MEFA as the next phase:……