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Colourisation artist (DMs open for commissions), designer, ex-DWM editor, wrote for SJA on TV, did most Dr Who DVD covers, very judgmental of TARDISes
May 11, 2018 26 tweets 18 min read
Danger: a LONG thread of ridiculously overcomplicated nonsense about #DoctorWho TARDIS minutiae is imminent. Feel free to mute me! This time it’s about those 1960s photo-blowup walls. I’ve been thinking about them WAY too hard. Thread starts... NOW! 👇 1/ It seems that it was always planned that one wall of the TARDIS would be taken up by a photographic blowup - although the original plan was that the centre of each photo roundel would be cut out to allow for backlighting.
Apr 8, 2018 19 tweets 17 min read
Some kind people said they missed my Saturday night TARDIS blather yesterday, so I promised I’d rustle summat up today. So here begins a thread about the TARDIS lamp (THRILLING, EH?) in classic #DoctorWho. I’ve not really prepared this one so sorry if it’s a bit shambolic 😅 1/ Okay, so real police boxes - by the time we get to the TARDIS type anyway - had a fresnel lensed lamp with a round, domed cap and 4 vertical struts, standing on a shallow square plinth. I like the word ‘plinth’ 👍 2/