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||☆|| #CatalanRepublic #MésDe4500Represaliats #INDEPENDÈNCIA #1Oct Teleg: CxR @ConsellRep
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Aug 21, 2018 21 tweets 23 min read
Hola @latinosxRep !
Nos tenéis a vuestro lado
Estáis haciendo un trabajo enorme, os damos las gracias y os animamos a seguir !!
En este hilo os dejamos nuestros últimos artículos para quien necesite argumentos Reales.
Molta Força Companys !!
Salut i #RepúblicaCatalana ! @latinosxRep
Catalonia’s right to self-determination.
Todos los pueblos tienen derecho a la Autodeterminación… @Comuni_cats
Aug 1, 2018 11 tweets 2 min read
Scandal: 181 generals and high commanders in the reserve request 'respect for Franco'. The military commanders, all in the reserve, signed a manifesto praising the figure of the dictator.…

[Translated THREAD] 👇 181 high commanders of the Spanish army in the reserve have signed a manifesto in which they demand respect for the dictator Francisco Franco. They are all colonels, lieutenants colonels, admirals, captains ...
Jul 23, 2018 23 tweets 6 min read
Catalonia - Right to self-determination. All peoples have the right to self-determination.…

Summarised translation into English in this [THREAD]. 👇 It is shocking that current Spanish politicians claim that the unity of Spain is permanently indivisible and indissoluble, but seem to ignore that other countries have become independent from the Kingdom of Castile / Kingdom of Spain over the last five centuries.