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On April 19, 2019 Dave was killed by a man able to drive a stolen van like a missile through DC. As Dave's spouse, I may talk here--not as well or as much.
Jul 18, 2018 25 tweets 20 min read
@howisthatlegal @WABADC @DCVisionZero 1a) Paint-only bike lanes are terribly misleading. One extra stripe, a few stencils, but no actual change. They're installed wherever there's a few extra feet of road width, and then they're ignored. It's a bad design, with no hope for real safety. @howisthatlegal @WABADC @DCVisionZero 1b) I take that back - it's NO design at all, and the laws supporting them can't really be enforced. This accounts for about 70 of DC's 90-ish miles of on-road bikeway.