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Director PG Cert Teaching EBHC @UniofOxford; Senior Tutor @CebmOxford; Visiting Prof of EBM Petrópolis Med School; Leads @catalogofbias; Uncertainty Nerd #MedEd
Sep 5, 2018 7 tweets 9 min read

So you know that @BJSM_BMJ sat fat editorial w '115K views' & 'no rebuttals’?


In a first for us, we also had to write a response to our own article: bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/…

/1 @BJSM_BMJ @IMLahart @DrDuaneRD @Dr__Guess @exerciseworks @RD_Catherine @YoniFreedhoff @MatthewJDalby @DylanMacKayPhD @basem_uk @SamueleMarcora Our rebuttal was published 31 Aug behind the paywall of the BJSM.

We held off tweeting before all the pieces were in place to describe the backstory.

We do that here on @Pubpeer: pubpeer.com/publications/0…

Aug 27, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
Good question Evelyn & one I've been pondering. Ioannidis recently said EBM's been 'hijacked' by vested interests (not just industry). He's referring to the 'E' in EBM. I agree. As do my colleagues bmj.com/content/357/bm… /1 For me the very word 'evidence-based' has also been hijacked to the point where I consider it meaningles in/of itself. You ask 'How do you know?'. It's simpler than you think. EBM is a SKILL. /2