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Former engineer, college professor, and high school history teacher; present-day researcher, writer, and activist who believes you're never too old to question!
Jul 30, 2018 7 tweets 4 min read
Jeremy Corbyn asked “In whose interests is it to destabilise the new govt in Egypt? In whose interest is it to kill Egyptians, other than Israel, concerned at the growing closeness of relationship between Palestine and the new Egyptian govt?”

1/7… "IDF spokesman Yoav Mordechai said [in 2012] the attackers may have been a global jihad group, but said the army had not positively identified the group to which they belonged."
Jul 21, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Whether Porton Down & MI6 on "novichok", White Helmets on Sarin, or FBI on “collusion”, we are presented with no facts, just assertions from authority. "Those who question those assertions are deemed 'bots' at best or 'traitors' at worst."

1/4… "Well here, fellow 'traitors', are the Top Ten reasons to question anything and everything the CIA – or any intelligence agency – has ever told you (in descending order)"