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अजरामरवत् प्रज्ञाः विद्यामर्थां च साधयेत् । गृहीत इव केशेषु मृत्युना धर्ममाचरेत् ॥ if a debate is going through handful of sand, grain by grain, I participate
Jul 30, 2018 18 tweets 10 min read
Very interesting. To Sampath Kumar's tweet the response is @IamRajii responds "You see who the author is? And you see the publication? Please don't bring an article written by the opposition party to validate the company's worth" I clicked on the link to the article.…
Especially this part... Nityanand Jayaraman. Very Indian name is it not?
I checked who this Nityanand is by clicking on Twitter handle. The name is "Daren Jarry" Who has not tweeted yet.