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Aug 26, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Paul Manafort chose Mike Pence as Trump's running mate -- and now the VP is facing heightened scrutiny: Many have feared what a Pence presidency would look like, given his actions as the Governor of Indiana against the LGBTQ community, women, and others.… Trump is bad, but is Pence better or worse?
Aug 14, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
Trump: If soldiers are 'real patriots,' they wouldn't take pay raise: “Does anybody not want it? Please raise your hand” Trump said. After scanning the crowd, he added, “What’s going on here? Are these real patriots? I don’t know, General. I don’t know.”… #votevets @votevets
Aug 12, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Authoritarianism expert hints Lindsey Graham may be covering for Trump due to the 2016 Russian hacking of his own emails… “The RNC was hacked; no one knows what happened to those emails. Graham personally was hacked and nobody knows who has those emails...RNC is complicit financially and politically and broadly in what the Trump campaign has done in terms of illicit interactions with Russia”
Jul 22, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Trey Gowdy calls on top intelligence officers to step down if Trump refuses to accept their assessment that Russia is interfering in U.S. elections. “The president has access to every bit of evidence” "The evidence is overwhelming.” Gowdy said… Gowdy is right about the interference, but he is wrong that intelligence officers need to step down. Trump needs to go.
Jun 18, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
Texas Deputy Repeatedly Raped 4-Year-Old Girl, Threatened Mom With Deportation After She Caught Him -… Jose Nunez 10-year veteran of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Depart, was arrested early Sunday morning, Dallas News reports. “The details of the case are quite frankly heartbreaking, disturbing, disgusting and infuriating all at the same time, to be honest with you”the sheriff said