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Sep 16, 2018 40 tweets 382 min read
1. In a few hours @fordnation will convene Legislature at 12:01 AM.

To rush a bill using the notwithstanding clause.

In the dead of night… @fordnation @RodPhillips01 @MichaelParsa @Andrea_Khanjin @douglasdowney @ToddSmithPC @PrabSarkaria @sandhuamarjot1 @billwalkermpp @janemckennapc @KarahaliosPC 2. He claims this as an important policy matter.

It was not campaigned on.
It narrowly effects Toronto.
It has no real case for support.
Sep 11, 2018 22 tweets 10 min read
1. Can we talk a bit about the referendum that @JohnTory keeps circling back to? #TOpoli #Bill5 @JohnTory 2. In Tory's letter to Ford: "I urge you to consider putting the process on hold to allow for a referendum so we can let the people speak.”
Jul 27, 2018 19 tweets 11 min read
1. The 25 ward option was examined as part of the City's Ward Boundary Review process ( 2. After the original recommendations (47 wards), Exec Ctee asked the consultants to provide additional info, leading to this final report.
Jul 5, 2018 20 tweets 8 min read
1. Apparently it's never too soon to scapegoat.
@Fordnation attributes our housing crisis to asylum seekers.
Let's thread on actual causes. @fordnation 2. Decades of disinvestment in building & maintaining social housing have contributed to our housing crisis. Not asylum seekers.
Mar 27, 2018 50 tweets 12 min read
1) A mapping thread to provide some context and perspective for #TransformYonge.

This is Toronto’s street network. 2) Excluding laneways, Toronto has 5,289 centreline km of expressways, arterials, collectors, and local roads.
Mar 21, 2018 48 tweets 7 min read
1. A few thoughts about the tragic incident in Arizona, where a woman was killed by an #Uber self-driving car… 2. Much of what I read in the first day after the incident clearly tried to shift blame to the victim, and to devalue that individual…
Mar 16, 2018 34 tweets 7 min read
1) Earlier this week, the outgoing city manager detailed Toronto’s looming fiscal crisis, and the extent of its unfunded capital projects. 2) I’d like to focus on priorities, opportunity cost, and those $30B (billion – with a ‘B’) of unfunded strategies, plans and projects.
Mar 6, 2018 46 tweets 5 min read
1. Our debates about how we share the public right-of-way focus a lot on travel time.

I’d like to talk about comfort, risk and trade-offs. 2. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve taken transit to work for about 10 years. I biked for 5 (and will again!). At the moment I drive.
Feb 1, 2018 28 tweets 9 min read
1. A #KingStreetPilot mapping thread. Restaurant Row, in context.

This is downtown Toronto, west of the Financial District. 2. This is King Street West, roughly between Bathurst Street and Bay Street. The western end of the Pilot area.