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Aug 15, 2018 15 tweets 6 min read
So much for free speech and its passionate supporters…

#PondyLitFest Apparently, to conduct or participate in #PondyLitFest you need to be ideologically aligned to the Left — this, from a gaggle of writers (yes WRITERS!) calling themselves, hold your breath, ‘progressive’…
Aug 2, 2018 21 tweets 20 min read
A thread that captures all the #70Policies follows...

You may download the book — 70 Policies that Shaped India: 1947 to 2017, Independence to 2.5 Trillion — here via @orfonline 1/70
By ensuring that prices of shares were kept low, the Controller of Capital Issues ensured gains to small investors. But this meant enterprises were not able to get the right value

Download #70Policies here via @orfonline