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Sep 5, 2018 31 tweets 11 min read
Kavanaugh just cited the ‘Ginsburg principle.’

There’s no such thing as the ‘Ginsburg principle.’
There’s no such thing as the ‘Ginsburg principle.’
There’s no such thing as the ‘Ginsburg principle.’
There’s no such thing as the ‘Ginsburg principle.’
Orrin Hatch just quoted someone saying that “Brent Kavanaugh is a mensch,” which I suppose is great news for “Brent Kavanaugh,” wherever he is
Aug 8, 2018 19 tweets 8 min read
Yeah, this is the sum of it.

It’s a pinched view because it seems premised on the notion of Twitter as its own silo, separate from the real world. 1/ But Twitter’s post about its reasons for not banning Trump proceeds from the exact opposite premise — extolling how the platform aims “to serve and advance the global, public conversation” in which “world leaders play a critical role.”… 2/
Jul 31, 2018 17 tweets 6 min read
Gotta love seeing the ed board of one of America's leading papers impose an outmoded, 1980s-vintage frame on a high-importance political campaign.… Still cheesed off over this. Maryland's governor shouldn't get marketed on platforms such as the Post editorial page as a 'centrist' when he's just as arguably governed as a low-key-but-effective ethnic chauvinist.…
Jul 21, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Here’s the thing: As we’re seeing now, Dems in Congress understood their role far more as that of Norms Preservers™ than most of the GOP over the last 25 years has. We can pass a value judgment on that (I, myself, have thoughts!) — but what it meant is that Dems in Congress braked Obama in a way Republicans have shown no inclination at all to try with Republican administrations.
May 26, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
I tweeted this jape about the president last night, with tongue planted in thoroughly disgusted cheek. 1/ Whaddaya know: as if on cue, this morning Trump got back on his grade-A prime bulls––.
Sep 30, 2017 12 tweets 5 min read
Of course he'd stoop to tacitly calling brown-skinned hurricane victims lazy. Of course.

He just can't help himself. 🎶 there are people dying 🎤
🎧 while he's watching 'Fox & Friends' 📺 *

(* tune of "We Are the World")