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@HorseShort the people have voted. This thread will be a monster. Jim @Acosta this is what solid research looks like, you should try it. Asking stupid questions makes not a reporter. Compare this page to Kooky Comey's sworn testimony in this clip.
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@HorseShort & @AnthemRespect, the people have voted. This thread will be all Hillary. See her break espionage laws, take bribes & see her operate her Foundation as the fourth branch of government that is accountable to no one. I wonder about the intelligence of the IG's investigators.
Sep 19, 2018 24 tweets 8 min read
@HorseShort, the people have voted. They want to see the FISA warrant pages. I will include the Russain dossier as a bonus as the warrant is based on this trash dossier. I even win when I use CNN.
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Sep 15, 2018 107 tweets 29 min read
@realDonaldTrump this thread will contain all of the FBI's report pages on the MATTER of Hillary Clinton that I thought were newsworthy.
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Humor time B4 bedtime a Humor time B4 bedtime b
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@HorseShort, @POTUS, if I may, @Amy_Siskind I will in this thread explain to you & Kaivan the error of his post that touts stronger together & the reasons why Crooked Hillary lost. Stronger together is not a goal or system. By contrast, DJT's MAGA was a goal & he set forth... a system to reach that goal that being putting America first, lower taxes, fewer regulations, better trade deals, make NATO pay their fair share, investment in the military & ceasing nation building. See my paper why she would lose. I am smarter than the so-called intellectuals
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Additionally, Trey can investigate to the end of time, uncover the most heinous of crimes. The Jeffery DOJ will not touch anything to do with queen Hillary. There are perjury complaints waiting a full year @ DOJ, no action was taken by Jeffrey. Here is one of Hillary's perjuries. The FBI report and her released emails prove this statement is a lie under oath. Hillary's emails that have been released by the government have redaction codes for classified content.