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Apr 19, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
A man commits obscene abuse & ppl think "no one's at risk here" b/c "it's a family matter". Wake up, or this will never change. "Domestic abusers" are just narcissistic criminals w/a sneaky way to get away w/crime. "Domestic violence" is violent crime.… AGAIN: "Domestic" violence is just an insidious method violent narcissists use to hide their horrific crimes. This article does a much, much better job of laying out years of abuse and manipulation by the triple-murderer who killed 2 of his own children:…
Feb 21, 2018 25 tweets 29 min read
3 lg. pieces of gum rubbed into seat. #FilthRating: medium. Between doors B2&C1. Car 01268. @OrangeLineProbs @LifeontheMBTA @mbtasnafu @MBTA Very dirty seat w/bonus extra-long gum stain! #FilthRating: high. Train 01234 A1 rear car. @OrangeLineProbs @LifeontheMBTA @mbtasnafu @MBTA