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May 28, 2018 • 21 tweets • 6 min read
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#Shoulder pain in the adult ....
We still use the phrase "Impingement Syndrome" .. WHY?
Focus ...
The Acromion ... hooked or flat. Does it matter?
Short answer: Time to leave our little friend the acromion alone. 1/? The Villain.
The acromion is most superior, anterior part of the scapula ... It serves as the attachment for the Deltoid, the ACJ ligaments, the the CA lig. 2/?
May 26, 2018 • 15 tweets • 5 min read
Interesting #Ortho tidbit. SHOULDER PAIN
You're over 40, you go to the doc because your #shoulder hurts. You did NOT have an injury. Many will be sent for an MRI.... 1/? Bear in mind ... You have a very significant chance that a rotator cuff "abnormality" will be found. Those abnormalities will sound scary .... Partial rotator cuff tears, full rotator cuff tears, and labral tears. 2/?