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You have to know zero abt God to believe that God had anything to do w/that self worshipper Donald being pres. lol #takeourcountryback #TheResistance #Resist ✍
Sep 11, 2018 10 tweets 9 min read
@DaveRapps @SenSchumer Rosello does not = Puerto Rico lol He makes political moves like you wouldn't believe lol But don't worry, it is a known fact that his political career is over now, nothing he can do will save it. The right is so ignorantly gullable. La ignorancia ya es demasiada. @DaveRapps @SenSchumer Just to mention it, I has a Trumpist- @e_deplorable say "the right didn't keep voting these thieves in office, check mate," & they blocked me before I could finish my replies- Rosello is a member of the right, conservative party in PR. The right is exactly who voted for him 1/