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Counsel w/ @HouseJudiciary. @NatImmForum & @immcouncil alum. Lawyer and political junkie. @ASU & @gwlaw grad. Opinions expressed here are my own RT≠ endorsement
Sep 18, 2018 67 tweets 30 min read
Going to do a little live tweeting of today's #HSGAC hearing on the Flores Settlement which the administration and @RonJohnsonWI are looking to overturn so they can get the asylum system and hold children indefinitely in detention @RonJohnsonWI @immcouncil and @AILANational have a statement for today's hearing which you can see here…
Jul 31, 2018 96 tweets 36 min read
As we wait for the @senjudiciary hearing to get started, see @immcouncil full statement for today's hearing on the Trump administration's separation of families → @senjudiciary @immcouncil And we are underway with @ChuckGrassley making his opening statement, calls the family separations an "unintended consequence" of the "zero tolerenace" policy. Wow. That is just not true. Sessions when he announced the policy stated unapologetically that separations WOULD happen