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Jan 9, 2018 12 tweets 4 min read
Drop-in Time 2018! Six folks plus E who got to teach someone how to cut and paste today! Here he is helping Judy sign up for Twitter. Depending how you sign up for Twitter it may or may not require a cell #. Judy didn't have one, I lent her mine. a woman sitting at her laptop with a young boy helping her out. E doesn't really know what Twitter is but he knows the President acts up on it, and he is a quick study. My other students chimed in "I don't care what other people had for breakfast!" and I was like "How do you even know that is a thing?"
Nov 28, 2017 16 tweets 5 min read
Hey hey drop-in time! This is Irene. She just came in to talk. She bought a new (desktop) computer at Best Buy. They said her old hard drive was "unsalvageable" (it was working when she brought it in). I suggested 2nd opinion. older woman looking at list of notes, and me. Her main issue was how the new Outlook is different from Outlook Express. She wanted it to do one thing it wouldn't do. I searched help forums to determine, she was right, it won't do that thing. I suggested workarounds.