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제시카 imperial college research fellow. @500womensci + @wikipedia + chiral materials + Raman spectroscopy enthusiast. she/her. least useful doctor in my family.
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Sep 30, 2018 • 12 tweets • 6 min read
On Friday I spoke at a CERN workshop on gender and high energy physics. I shared the work of @PhysicsNews’ Juno Award, the @1752Group and other evidence-based institutional programs. The head of theory @CERN gave a 30 minute Damore-esque manifesto against #womeninSTEM. After my talk (indico.cern.ch/event/714346/c…), he told me British undergraduates faced huge debts after their studies because of the amount of money we spend on equality and diversity training. Apparently #womeninSTEM in Italy face no debts or sexism...
Aug 12, 2018 • 12 tweets • 10 min read
Why do I care so much about getting a copy of #Inferior into all schools? Because I don’t want to just tell girls they can do anything. I want them to read it, be empowered, and join our fight for equality. #thisgirlcan justgiving.com/crowdfunding/i… The @PhysicsNews Improving Gender Balance Report includes recommendations to challenge gender stereotypes. #Inferior provides evidence, engages readers with the issues and educates students and teachers in their own unconscious bias. Read it: iop.org/education/teac…