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Conservative minded Army Vet. 11M, Bradley lover, #BlueCordMafia #StolenValor hunter Pronouns: King/Daddy. Feel free to call me either
Sep 22, 2018 24 tweets 11 min read
Hi everyone! Tonight, I'll be bringing you our latest episode of #StolenValor of the #Resistance. Our guest tonight is Rick Alvarado! Or is it? We'll get back to that. But let's meet our new friend: Rick drew my attention because of his wild claims. I thought the guy was Captain America, so we decided to take a peek behind the curtain. Let's look at some of his claims:
Aug 17, 2018 21 tweets 6 min read
Here's our latest #StolenValor fake. To be clear, he did serve, but not in the least bit the way that he claims. Let's go over a few of those claims first. As you'll notice, his avi depicts him as a Marine. His screen name insinuating that he was a Marine First Sergeant, because ya know, everyone just loves Marines. Here he claims a Purple Heart and a CAR