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Novelist/musician/lawyer/academic! He/him.🇨🇦 I'm sticking it out on Twitter, but hedging my bets over on #Mastodon. Join me there: @ lukemaynard !
Jan 7, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
I throw the finest tantrums; I'm repetitive and furious
When CNN airs anything too screwy to be spurious,
My crooked doctor tells me I'm a paragon of sanity,
And if you don't believe him, you can always ask @SeanHannity... The scholars and historians will wrack their brains to fathom all
The ways to fact and knowledge I'm offensive and anathemal;
Believe me, I will lead you to a "new age of prosperity"—
And leave no page unburnt to be disproven by posterity...