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I used to be lost on the Web. But #MAGA #DraintheSwamp have become important ideas worth supporting! I tweet when lies are uttered or I disagree. #FreeSpeech
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Sep 29, 2018 โ€ข 11 tweets โ€ข 8 min read
1. #AbortionPillChristine Dr Christine Blasey, name she uses for research, has worked on development and use of abortion meds #Misoprostol and #Mifepristone for early abortion. She and Big Pharma that she works for have millions at risk if Judge Brett Kavanaugh gets confirmed. 2. #AbortionPillChristine If Judge Kavanaugh joins the Supreme Court Big Pharma believes there is a chance abortion will be go from lawful to unlawful. The manufacture of abortion meds will become unprofitable. Chemicals used to produce these two meds are licensed to others.