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Sep 7, 2018 11 tweets 7 min read
Thread: So here on Day 3 of #KavanaughHearings the man in question to take over as the next Supreme Court Justice called birth control an abortifacient - aka 'abortion inducing drug' - when responding to a Q from Cruz abt litigation challenging the ACA birth control benefit 1/ This is a falsehood, junk science, alternative fact, whatever you want to call it, but it is not true, like many other things related to #abortion, #contraception, and #reproductivehealth that are riddled with lies and junk science in order to feed an agenda. 2/
Jun 26, 2018 13 tweets 11 min read
In January, I published a @Rewire_News piece outlining how Indiana State Department of Health is addressing infant mortality using #FakeClinics (centers at core of the #NIFLAvBecerra case) yes state's DOH is using non-med orgs to deal with health issues 1/… In this piece, I contextualized what #FakeClinics / #CPCs / #CrisisPregnancCenters are. I noted that most fake clinics have a documented track record of providing misleading, harmful, & inaccurate info about contraception, abortion, pregnancy, and #reprohealthcare. 2/