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We build & amplify the voices of women & other marginalized genders. Our work focuses on sexuality, disability & technology.
Jan 11, 2018 28 tweets 12 min read
Good morning to you all! @saysnidhigoyal and @nidsitis are on their way to Dombivali for a workshop on sexual harassment and consent with hearing and speech impaired women. Join us as tweet some interesting observations from the training. #SexDis @saysnidhigoyal @nidsitis We have begun with a quick recap of our previous workshop - outlining the topics covered. Including that fact that women have ovaries and get pregnant! The image has our trainer Sunita signing how long is pregnancy and the participants responding with 9 months.
Nov 24, 2017 14 tweets 4 min read
Today begins with a #SexDis workshop in Mumbai on understanding the body with 15 hearing impaired girls @nidsitis @saysnidhigoyal @vsheshco A sign saying Rochiram T Thadani High School for hearing handicapped with some grass below @nidsitis @saysnidhigoyal @vsheshco Our facilitators introduce the workshop, which will be conducted in sign language. We’re going to include sessions on the body, personal hygiene and HIV A woman stands in a classroom in front of a screen, speaking in sign language. On the screen the contents are listed
Nov 20, 2017 54 tweets 19 min read
Another #SexDis workshop begins today @saysnidhigoyal @nidsitis Title- #SexDis What's On. Text: What? Workshop for women with disabilities. When, Where? 20-21st Nov, Bangalore. Objective? To open up discussions on the body, violence and relationships. On the right is a picture of Nidhi with her name underneath, and one of Srinidhi with her name. The background is purple and text is in pink, green and white. @saysnidhigoyal @nidsitis We begin today’s workshop in Bangalore with introductions and sharing of our dreams. #SexDis
Nov 3, 2017 9 tweets 5 min read
Just beginning a workshop at the Rotary School for the Deaf in Dombivli on understanding the body #SexDis @vsheshco @vsheshco Our lovely participants are 31 hearing & speech impaired women aged 20-23