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No Pulse | No Voice - Analyze and report on bot activity and the continued cyber attack on democracy. #Resist #Resistance *Follow* @chriskolger
Feb 1, 2018 9 tweets 8 min read
Exclusive: Watch the birth of a bot!!

Step 1: Create an account - notice @scootersaunders & @kelliebitter - Kell was born last month, but Scooter was born today, happy birthday! Step 2:

Find a friend -

It's hard to make friends when you're 1 day old, so you call @RyanAFournier - who will follow you. Then Ryan's friend Kellie comes to play too. Notice it says 4 followers - but only shows 2 because 'you won't see suspected spam..'
Jan 29, 2018 27 tweets 19 min read
EXCLUSIVE The: #releasethememo Attack on Democracy - An Inside Look at a Bot Campaign

Today marks the 11th day of the bot army assault on democracy. #releasethememo has taken over social media. 1) Per Botcheck.me, #releasethememo is top trending #hashtag among 1500 known bots in the last 24 hrs - the rallying cry is also #1 per @securingdemocracy over the last 48 hrs