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General handyman. Elementalist. Vedic reader. I run small distances and play Warcraft in my free time. What's your wild?
Aug 5, 2018 18 tweets 22 min read
Yesterday I completed a 240km foot race in the Gobi desert, Mongolia organised by @racingtheplanet. I received a medal.

Seen here is Carlos, the course director who plotted a great trail for us to run on.

#250km #GobiMarch #RacingThePlanet
. Aiding me all through were my best friends - the elements led by अग्निः वैश्वानर:, lord of the divine will - देवता: इन्द्रः, सूर्यः, अश्विनो, वायुः, मरुतः एवं देवी पृथ्वी:।

Full love to wife @saffrontrail and our son for their unstinting support!