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বাঙালী, জয় বাংলা, Jai Hind. Also a Bibliophile,Rebel,Feminist and a wannabe Dog whisperer. Motto: equality&freedom for all
Aug 25, 2018 23 tweets 10 min read
"A key part of Nazi ideology was to define the enemy and those who posed a threat to the so-called “Aryan” race.". In India too, sangh parivar is busy with propaganda defining the enemy~non Hindus, opponents of hindutva & supporters of secular diverse India. "The use of  propaganda and laws to define the enemy as a cohesive group was a key factor in achieving the goals of the Nazi regime" #NewIndia we see same type of propaganda against Muslims&Christians..religious identity used to attack Indian citizens…
Jun 2, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
Sanghi Sample #13 @gunjakapoor talks of divisive agenda while continuously running a divisive hate filled #RSSSanghBJP propaganda herself...within minutes she can do U turns..very talented...medal guaranteed in shakha Olympics. Sangh sample #14 is the black blot on Netaji and Sarat Bose's legacy~ @Chandrabosebjp himself. All he had to do was follow Netaji. he failed. Admires jinnah,joined savarkars ideology all just for power.
Apr 6, 2018 8 tweets 5 min read
What inspires BJP? Who are the so called 'great men' who inspire the LootUs party? #BJPFoundationDay Some thoughts of the 'great netas' of LootUs party. #BJPFoundationDay #IndiaTrustsBJP to drag us back to the stone age...