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CEO of @LuminaryLabs. Obsessed with the world's most intractable problems & new ways to solve them. Angel Investor. Board director. #Flamengo by marriage.
Jul 24, 2018 8 tweets 10 min read
Undercurrent #1 from @VoiceSummitAI #voice18 - what most people get wrong about "voice" is that it's not a single technology, but many, that come together to create a new conversational experience. The vocabulary, and hashtags are nascent. #voicefirst #voicetech #vui #vux Undercurrent #2 from @VoiceSummitAI #voice18 - Why are there are a lot of old school #SEO people here? Because they have done this before. The #voice opportunity will have similar organizational, tech, design, product, and mkg challenges as Web 1.0, search, social & mobile.