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May 29, 2018 32 tweets 10 min read
So this cool thing came out the other day, which only means one thing. IT'S TIME FOR SOME VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE ON TWITTER. The tl;dr version of the article (which I recommend reading - it's very good and also concise) is that music and bilingualism can help combat the onset of dementia, with music seeming to edge out dementia in speed-of-completion in memory tasks.
Apr 5, 2018 25 tweets 6 min read
There was an NBC article this morning about women in STEM being underestimated by male colleagues, and am coping by being OBNOXIOUSLY CONFIDENT. LET'S DO SOME VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE, TWITTER.
#WomenInSTEM #WomenWhoCode I took a class this semester on computational models of human decision making, and it was awesome. I learned about algorithms, and how information is taken in and updated to help us decide *stuff*