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Mar 25, 2018 32 tweets 27 min read
Yesterday @NickTimiraos broke the news that John Williams is the frontrunner for president of the @NewYorkFed.

If true, a compromised process ignored the public & resulted in a white, male insider, more hawkish than Dudley, and an ineffective regulator.… I told @bencasselman that selecting Williams for the @NewYorkFed would be "deeply disappointing and a missed opportunity.”

This is the most powerful position that Trump doesn't control.

We deserve better.…
Mar 9, 2018 19 tweets 18 min read
Just #10YearsAfter the financial crash and Wall St is pushing amnesia about what they did.

THREAD on why the @NewYorkFed is the most powerful position Trump doesn't control, and with the #BankLobbyistAct, could be a last line of defense against another crash. The @NewYorkFed supervises and regulates the biggest banks in the world. It failed miserably in catching the meltdown. Why? The @NewYorkFed's own study said it was because they were too deferential to the banks. No one was willing to stand up to Wall St.…
Jan 28, 2018 35 tweets 16 min read
1. It's NOT time for some game theory when it comes to Jay Z v. @realDonaldTrump on the issue of black unemployment, because -- like so many things involving Trump -- it's not complicated, it's just so wrong in so many ways.. So unfortunately, we need a THREAD. 2. Here's some categories: a. Trump doesn't deserve the credit for low unemployment. Yellen (the woman he essentially fired) does. b. These numbers don't tell the whole story and they should be a lot better. c. Trump's policies are consistently anti-jobs (and black jobs).