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Bringing simplicity to the complexity of whitepapers. The goal is to enable the masses have an idea of their investments.
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Mar 6, 2018 18 tweets 5 min read
A thread on Dbrain by @dbrainio , the platform that triggers the burgeoning adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If AI is a gun, Dbrain is the trigger.

👇 1- AI is a field in computer science that enables softwares, machines, computers to act and think the way human does. It can’t achieve this without the help of humans currently. The process by which an AI program learns are in phases.
Mar 4, 2018 38 tweets 12 min read
I have learnt a lot about blockchain through some of the hidden gems in the following quotes.

I hope this blockchain quotes change your perspective, mindset towards blockchain.

I hope it changes your life.

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👇 1- 1-"The invention of bitcoin, the technology that makes it possible, cannot be uninvented. It creates the possibilities for decentralized organization on a scale never before seen on this planet." @aantonop
Mar 3, 2018 21 tweets 5 min read
There is a platform that proposes a solution to take blockchain to the next level. It envision itself as Blockchain 3.0. Does it have what it takes to disrupt blockchain tech?

Stop the guess, read the thread, as we introduce no other platform than Arcblock by @ArcBlock_io

👇👇 This thread is divided into two sections.
Section A talks about the existing problems of blockchain tech and @ArcBlock_io proposed solution to the problems.

Section B talks about Arcblock’s architecture in details.
As you read, remain blessed.

#crypto, #blockchain, #technology
Mar 3, 2018 8 tweets 3 min read
List of self-explanatory and concise threads on whitepapers:

👇👇 Knowledge Platform by: @KNWtoken

Feb 25, 2018 24 tweets 11 min read
Communication without privacy is slavery to the controllers of the communication channel. Manipulations can occur as your data isn't in your control.

Welcome to a new era of secured communications as we introduce @Mainframe_HQ platform.

#crypto, #tech

👇👇 @Mainframe_HQ 1/ Mainframe is an incentivized and fully decentralized communications platform that enables reliable packet routing, packet holding, packet delivery, file storage and data services.

It's security model provides encryption, resistance to censorship and surveillance.

Feb 17, 2018 13 tweets 9 min read
Why wait until you graduate college, or finish an online course before your efforts are rewarded.

Pause for a second and smile as we introduce a project called Knowledge from the @KNWtoken team that proposes a concept that would leave you jaw dropped.

#crypto, #Blockchain, #BTC @KNWtoken 1/ Knowledge platform is a project that pays you for learning. Yes, it's not magical. That's how it was meant to be from the beginning. Nature designed us to be attracted to things that yields immediate results each e.g. eating. Why must Knowledge be different?