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Sep 28, 2018 8 tweets 4 min read
I was disturbed when I first read that only 7 airports, and not 35 like the PM had claimed, were made operational int he past 4 years.

I did some digging around. I was aghast at how lazy the "fact checkers" are & how excited they get to peddle agenda myind.net/Home/viewArtic… Alleged "fact checkers" cite Lok Sabha replies, saying 31 airports are non-operational. Turns out there are other Lok Sabha replies that tell us 25 airports are "operational" but are not in use. So we are looking at 56 not in use airports. myind.net/Home/viewArtic…
May 26, 2018 88 tweets 24 min read
As PM @narendramodi 's govt steps into its 5th year, I keep wondering how they won so many elections, despite the constant outrage on English & Social media.

This Q cannot be answered in a single post or article. Hence this thread, which will be update only once a day :) @narendramodi 1. Let's start with the Electricity situation. Before 2014 - Those long power cuts, both domestic & industrial were making people suffer. Solved by this government by 2015 -16. By working with every single state government irrespective of party in power. myind.net/Home/viewArtic…