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Aug 4, 2018 20 tweets 4 min read
Unpopular opinion up ahead: Been reading much about the #SuhanaKhan Vogue cover and seeing the vitriolic that's been directed at her, I wanted to offer some contextual understanding of the hows and whys of such a cover (and why Suhana doesn't deserve hate). *Please* bear with me: I'll begin by saying I understand the outrage: There's a person who has no achievement, per se, who's made it to a magazine cover primarily because she's the daughter of a celebrity. There are many more who 'deserve' to be on a cover. There are so many things to unpack here:
Mar 6, 2018 13 tweets 3 min read
I recently met a really smart, well-informed young traveller from Canada who earns his living by planting trees & then spends the money he earns there in travelling the world. We had a long chat on how in India there's a snobbery on the kind of jobs young people *should* do. 1/n No matter the class you belong to in India, society has conditioned all Indian families to think that doing traditional 'jobs' at 'offices' is the only way to success and happiness, and the only way to find pride. There's little respect for any other form of earning a living. 2/n
Nov 8, 2017 8 tweets 2 min read
Regarding the #Indigo incident: I don't know both sides of the story and I completely condemn any violence for any reason. Having said that, I will use this occasion to talk about one thing that gets to me: our behaviour with customer support staff in India. #thread I know we live in a time where capitalism is at its peak and we pay a lot of money to get the services we demand on time and in the best possible manner. But I've seen time and again that there's an incredible amount of entitlement in a lot of us because of this.