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We're not @UVic Women's Centre - it got hijacked by the transcult & became ThirdSpace & then the Gender Empowerment Centre. Let's take it back. https://t.co/jKesOYPUdk
Aug 7, 2018 10 tweets 5 min read
1/ Vancouver #DykeMarch website hacked (by a transwoman, apparently.) Website vancouverdykemarch.com is now offline. Problem is, when #transwomen take over women's spaces, they don't know when to stop. It was not enough to take over organizing the march. medium.com/@ms.liz.mars/c… 2/ It's not enough for trans-identified males to take over the march and kick out anyone who their spies identified as a #terf. Now they are going after those who did not do enough to forcibly remove #lesbians from #dykemarch.