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Sep 18, 2018 72 tweets 25 min read
Nice review of the media coverage and its problems related to @Apple watch with added clarity about data @US_FDA used to approve from @thejoyvictory at @HealthNewsRevu.

Must read.

Updated tweetatorial showing just how bad the PPV might below.… @KLomangino @Pogue @DavidLBrownMD @EJSMD @drjohnm @ziffdavis @matthewherper @ellie_kincaid @bnallamo @DrMarthaGulati @EricTopol @SVRaoMD @onco_cardiology @f2harrell @boback
Aug 25, 2018 50 tweets 14 min read
Lots of headlines @escardio re CT-FFR. 1 of most prominent is ADVANCE multicenter registry from @manesh_patelMD & colleagues using @HeartFlow. I'd like to dissect this a bit to see how excitement in a field combined with lots of industry funding can blind us to basic problems. Team worked across 38 international sites over >2 years to collect data from N=5083 patients w/ “symptoms concerning for CAD”. They had primary endpoint of change in management plan from coronary CTA. That happened in 67% of patients. Most impressive.
May 11, 2018 51 tweets 14 min read
More hype around AI, mHealth, wearables. @AliveCor devices can use #AI to find LQTS:… From the press release:

AUC 0.83, specificity 81%, sensitivity 73%, accuracy 79%

Prevalence of LQTS 160,000 out of US population of 325.7 million (0.049%)